Welcome everybody.

Beloved ones, I am happy to inform you that 'Yog Front Organization' which is trying to create an organized operation of yoga services all over India through 'DIYA' services. Moving ahead in this, Yog Front organization has launched free of cost Yoga Practitioner's unifield advert pannel with Directory i.e. DIYA. All of you can get your entry done in this directory for free. The rules for entry are as follows.

1. Most importantly, entry is free only for people of Indian origin.

2. You will have to give information about your educational qualification with facts and proofs for entry.

3. It will be mandatory for the person making the entry to give character certificate in the form of affidavit, whose form you can get from the given link. :- AFFIDAVIT FORMAT

4. Only your mobile number will be made public on the application received for making your mobile number public, otherwise only your email id will be made public so that people can contact you.

5. You must attach your passport style photo, photo of your yoga certificate, address and photo of the yogashala if you are a yogashala, photo of affidavit.

6. Most important, it is mandatory to introduce yourself or your yogashala in 400 words, which will be shared in the public profile.


Please visit Request a Listing Page link under Pages menu and fill your entry.